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Range of Services

Repairs and Services (for all types of beverage machines)

We have years of experience with espresso machines and associated equipment. So whether your machinery has a specific fault, or it simply doesn’t seem to be working properly, we can rectify most problems by the way of a repair or service. This can also involve the adjustment of your machines programmable settings to ensure it produces the perfect beverage, as efficiently as possible.

Front End Service (for Traditional Espresso Machines)

This consists of replacing the group head seals & shower plates plus the replacement of seals & washer in the water/steam valves.  A ‘back flush’ of the group heads is also carried out with a very powerful solution to breakdown any thick, stubborn excess coffee oils that can lead to bitter tasting coffee and poor machine performance.  We will also calibrate the grinder to ensure optimum taste and performance.

Full Service/Overhaul (for Traditional Espresso Machines)

This is usually carried out if a machine is found to have an excessive build up of lime scale, and has to be carried in workshop conditions. This consist of a Front End Service, full strip down & de-scale, rebuilt with all new seals/o-rings, followed by a boiler safety inspection.

All beverage equipment requires scheduled maintenance to reduce the chance of breakdown, to ensure that it is producing a product of optimum quality, to make sure it is not consuming too much power & product but most importantly; to make sure it is safe.  Find further information on Service Schedules.

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