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Service Schedules

Service Schedules (all machine types)

All beverage equipment requires scheduled maintenance to reduce the chance of breakdown, to ensure that it is producing a product of optimum quality, to make sure it is not consuming too much power and/or product but most importantly; to make sure it is safe. The frequency of service schedules depend on certain factors: The type of machine, its usage, the water hardness level in the area, and how well the owner/user keeps to the general everyday maintenance.


With traditional machines the most important scheduled maintenance is the Front End Service. All machines that do not have a ‘de-scale cycle’ as part of their maintenance program; should also have their Water Softener replaced regularly to protect them from their worst enemy; ‘LIME SCALE’ (see Water Treatment). We will also calibrate the machine and the Grinder (if applicable) to ensure optimum taste and performance.

Boiler Inspection (for all machines with one or more pressure boilers)

If a fault ever occurs that causes the boiler to build too much pressure, and the safety valve fails to release, the result could be catastrophic.  Click here to see what can happen if this is not carried out.


Boiler inspections are available to ensure pressure boilers are structurally sound and all safety devices are working correctly. A full report is issued once all tests are passed. This is very important safety element and strongly recommended it is carried out at least every 12 months. However; this is now becoming an issue of great importance to insurance companies and will shortly be mandatory for all businesses with pressure boilers across the UK.


All boiler inspections carried out by Café Clinic are in compliance with HSE Pressure Systems and Safety Regulations 2000 (SI2000 no. 128).

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