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For most of our clients their espresso machinery is the most important part of the business. When it goes wrong it becomes a monumental problem due to downtime whilst you cannot serve the worlds favourite beverage. This is why we are your solution to making sure it stays running and keeping these expenses down.


  • Firstly; Café Clinic offer Service & Maintenance Schedules tailored to suit the type of equipment you have, its workload and the ‘water hardness level’ in the area.  This drastically reduces the chance of your equipment failing.
  • Secondly, if your equipment does breakdown; Café Clinic can provide an extremely prompt on-site repair service at very competitive rates. We also strive to complete the repair during the first visit to minimise downtime.  Approximately 95% of our repair calls are completed without the need for a second visit.


We also supply high quality machinery, installation, training and boiler safety inspections. We also have workshop facilities for large scale overhaul work.

Contact us for a free ‘no obligation’ quote, or for any further information. We also offer advice on your existing equipment and/or any machinery you may require.


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